Show your support for our troops

This website is dedicated to all the men and women past, present and future who serve our great country with such selflessness. Red Fridays is a day to show support every week, to our men and women who are serving in our military. By wearing red, every Friday we are announcing somewhat silently that we are grateful to our soldiers for their bravery and sacrifice. Our shirts include a yellow ribbon and an American flag on the left and right sleeves. We also include the statement "Land of the Free, Because of the Brave" on either the back of the shirt in the case of T-shirts and the upper left side of Polo type shirts.  

It’s the least we can do

Whether you actually support the war or not that’s not the important part, what is however, is supporting our fellow man. Without them we would not have the liberty of living in a free country. It is because of them, that we love and pray freely to whomever we choose. I for one do not think that one or two holidays a year is enough to remember all that our soldiers have done for us. It reminds me of the situation with the poor and the needy.

Every thanksgiving and Christmas we get into the “Spirit” of giving and decide to feed them big dinners and give them gift baskets and coats to keep warm. And then we walk away with a sense of satisfaction knowing, we have done our good deed for the year. And that satisfies most of us until the following year. While that is all wonderful and appreciated, what about the rest of the year? We seem to forget all about them, out of site out of mind.

Much like the support for our military. We celebrate them a couple times a year but then they become, out of site out of mind. I think we can do more, and I think we should. It’s the least we can do, after all, while we sleep tucked away warm in our beds at night, many are dying defending this great country we love and call home.

Local Business Says Yes to Red Fridays

If you happen to visit Huddleston Crane Services or call on their service on a Friday, you will be greeted by someone with a smile and a red shirt. Owner of Huddleston Crane, Dave Noerr has been showing his support by having special red shirts made with his company logo, a flag and yellow ribbon. Not to mention the back reads “Land of the free because of the brave”. His employees are all on board, although they may not all support the war, they understand its to support the soldiers.

Dave, raised in a military family knows the struggle of military life and the strain it puts on a family. So when Dave received an email one day about Red Fridays he was eager to get involved. Red Fridays is a national coalition that raises awareness and support for the troops.

When I asked Dave what made this personal for him he stated, “When we read the email, we took the support part serious, we wanted to do something different, this is about saying thank you to the men and women who serve.”

Dave says “Everyone out in the field and in the office wears them, its not about the politics of war its about the people who serve.”

While Dave was in the field one day on a Friday, his friend Keith asked about all the red shirts. Dave shared with him, it was to show support to our troops. Keith then mentioned that he has a son serving in Baghdad. Moved by this Dave asked if he could send shirts and maybe get a picture of the soldiers wearing them. He also wanted to send packages.

So they recently started sending packages overseas every two weeks, to the troops. And to be honest they weren’t even sure they were making a difference, that was until Dave received this email from his friend Keith, it reads;

“Last year my son spent Memorial Day weekend attending the Coke Cola 600 as a guest of NASCAR. Yesterday, he attended a memorial service for a soldier in his Company. He said his Company has lost a total of three soldiers.

He asked that I thank you for your support and kindness in sending him a package. He said it was wonderful. I am also grateful that you would take the time to send him a package. You and your organization are very kind and super Americans.

He has passed out the T-shirts that you provided. Soon afterwards a soldier was hit in the leg by shrapnel and bleeding. The Platoons medic reached in his pack for a clean cloth to control the bleeding and could only find Huddleston’s red T-shirt! Nathan said it was ironic that a kind gift was used to help a fellow soldier in a very special way.”

Making a Difference

As you can see their support DID make a difference and it will continue to. Dave says, “Every 2 weeks hell or high water were gonna send a package till the troops come home.” But this message isn’t about Huddleston. Its about bringing awareness to our community Its about people helping people. It is however showing how just one person can stand up and make a difference.

And the thing is, we can all make a difference, just by showing our support and praying for them. The first thing a soldier says when asked "What can we do to make things better for you?" is... “We need your support and your prayers.”

“Red Fridays has been called The Silent Majority. But we don’t have to be silent anymore. By word of mouth and example every Friday -- Americans can make the United States a SEA OF RED, much like fans support their team at a homecoming football game. If every individual who supports the troops will share this with acquaintances, co-workers, friends and family, it will not be long before the USA is covered in RED ON FRIDAY to let our uniformed military members know that the once "silent majority" is in full support of the troops.”-quoted by the Red Friday campaign.

So as you can see this is so much bigger than us and we can all be a part of it. If your interested in getting involved you can email us at

If you have any inquiries about the shirts, that Huddleston is wearing you can contact Huddleston Crane directly at 661-765-7059.